Have you ever had one of those moments that just stop you right in your tracks?

Well, I had one of those moments today.  I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and I came across a heartbreaking post in one of the groups I am in. I am in a private Facebook group that helps parents with installing, selecting, and safely securing their children into carseats. When I was pregnant with my first son I remember being completely overwhelmed with all of the choices for carseats --- let alone, figuring out how on earth was I ever going to correctly install one. This group has been incredibly helpful. I've learned bits and pieces over the last three years from following the posts in this group. After learning so much about carseat safety, I have been confident in my use, installation, and securing my boys safely into their seats. As a mother, this confidence is invaluable. I am so grateful for the people who tirelessly share their wealth of information.

It was from this group that I saw a heartbreaking post. One of the mothers who was graciously shared her knowledge of carseat safety tragically lost her life, along with her husband, in a motor vehicle accident. Anytime I hear of a parent losing their life, I am deeply saddened. But there was something about hearing about this woman and her husband that really got to me. I don't know if it was because she has five young children or because I am grateful to her for being apart of the group that has helped me keep my boys safe. I didn't know this person, but hearing about her death broke my heart. In the blink of an eye, a mother of five children is gone. It pains me to even type these words. 

... and then it reminded me.... 

This is why I do what I do.

So that when families experience the unimaginable, the tragic, things are not made worse because of lack of direction or legal documents. It is my hope and prayer that their children are taken care of.  This is why I share the importance of having a Kid's Protection Plan, and an Estate Plan. 

It's so children don't spend the night in a foster home while waiting for a social worker or the court to find a family member or guardian. It's so those children, on the most tragic and devastating moment in their life, are going to a place where they know safety, love, and security. 

In that moment, my heart broke for those babies. But it also made me dig my feet in a little deeper. It confirmed I am doing the right thing by educating and helping parents take care of their children, even when they are not here. 

So my question to you is....have you prepared? Because what I realize is estate planning is not about us. We don't plan for us. We plan for our children.


Amanda Batsche